Hello world! I’m back!

In 2007, I launched Yuxi Pacific, a professional services company in the publishing industry.  Our firm’s principal focus was platform development over MarkLogic, the world’s premier NOSQL database, and the RSuite CMS, the industry’s leading content management system.  Yuxi Pacific was acquired by Blue Loop capital in June 2013, and has continued the legacy that I created under the name Yuxi Global.

Oiga Technologies, my latest venture, addresses a very different set of problems.

The publishing industry has evolved considerably over the past decade, and advances in technology have been the catalyst behind this revolution. These seismic changes have affected both customer behavior and their expectations, and have had a considerable impact on business models in our industry.

Publishers that have been agile enough to adapt quickly and deploy new technology have clearly benefited. During the past decade, the shift in publishing consistent primarily around the move to digital products, and migration to non-relational databases in order to unite disparate content into a single data store. That content, along with the content metadata, could then be leveraged to create new product offerings and new streams of revenue.

However, it is in society publishing that we have seen the most radical changes. Scientific journals have expanded their reach globally, with an ever growing number of researchers and authors. Plum Analytics, which was acquired by Elsevier, added the term “alt-metrics” to our vocabularies, and changed the metrics by which authors and their papers are evaluated. Open Access has accelerated faster than most expected, and we have expanded the audience for research outside traditional institutions.

Semantic indexing and artificial intelligence, long thought of as technologies that will affect us in the distant future, have suddenly become a reality. Blockchain, the technology behind the rise of cryptocurrencies, has now found applications in a variety of different industries, publishing among them.

The future is indeed now. What better time is there for a return to publishing, and what better reason than to participate in the next revolution? Here in the Oiga offices, we have been hiring some of the world’s most talented professionals and technologists, as we turn our perspective not to the publishing world of today, but the technology of tomorrow.

I look forward to re-engaging with the industry and helping to both implement and integrate technologies that will solve current problems, and to actively be part of navigating our industry into the exciting future that awaits us.



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